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Ghost Cam - Parameter Files and Tune Files
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PCMTec Edition Required: One-Car Workshop or Workshop.



To create a multi-tune with tune 4 set as a ghost cam please create a new multi-tune then select "load preferred tables from existing file" and select "HAEE3 FG Multi Tune with Ghost Cam.tec".


This will add the appropriate scalars and tables required to tune 4 to create a ghost cam.


To then load in default settings for a ghost cam please import the parameter file "HAEE3 FG Multi Tune with Ghost Cam.param" via file -> "Import from Parameter file".


For a non-multi-tune vehicle with ghost cam please load the "permanent ghost cam" file.



Value files with names prefixed with "HAEE3" will work on FG/FGX turbo 6s. 


If you have a BF, please use the files with names prefixed with "HACCK".


For more information on how to tweak the ghost cam profile please read the following thread.



To optimize the ghost cam you should modify the TPS and Load thresholds on the appropriate tables to ensure the ghost cam automatically disables itself once the throttle is applied. If the ghost cam cuts out, you may need to extend the overlap as the airconditioning/drive may cause the load/TPS to go beyond the default range.


Note that this guide assumes you have already got your injectors dialed in to under 5% LTFT, if not you will run into stalling issues.

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HAEE3_FG_Permanent_Ghost_Cam.param HAEE3_FG_Permanent_Ghost_Cam.tec HAEE3_FG_Multi_Tune_with_Ghost_Cam.param HAEE3_FG_Multi_Tune_with_Ghost_Cam.tec HACCK_BF_Permanent_Ghost_Cam.tec HACCK_BF_Multi_Tune_with_Ghost_Cam.param HACCK_BF_Permanent_Ghost_Cam.param HACCK_BF_Multi_Tune_with_Ghost_Cam.tec
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