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PCMTec Purchasing, Licensing & Packages FAQ
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How do I purchase PCMTec?

All purchases are handled automatically on our secure webstore. Software is available for purchase as soon as the transaction is completed. Invoices are available for download in the customer portal.


All you need to do is register an account, login on and head to the webstore to purchase the version you want.


PCMTec supports all major credit cards and all purchases are conducted in $AUD.


What PCMTec Editions should I buy?

Check out our available packages. Consider what you want to achieve and what features you will need.


For all businesses and tuners we recommend the Workshop Edition.


Contact PCMTec support for help or advice.


Why is the price in the store more than the advertised price?

Currently all store transactions are undertaken in Australian Dollars ($AUD), conversion 


Depending on your region, PCMTec may be required to collect taxes (such as GST or VST) on purchases of software or credits.


This is calculated automatically and added to the product cost at the time of purchase.


How do PCMTec Credits work?

PCMTec credits are a token that can be purchased from the PCMTec webstore. They are stored on your PCMTec account and can be exchanged for a Vehicle Licence as required.


Credits are generally non-refundable and once a vehicle is licenced, the credit(s) used have been spent.


Different licences cost different amounts of credits, based on what that licence offers the end use

Operation Details Number of Credits Required
Australian Ford 
Falcon/Territory - New Vehicle License  BA/BF/FG/FGX Falcon/Territory (2002-2016) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
Falcon/Territory - ZF 6HP26 Licence Ford/ZF 6HP26 Edit & Flash Write License Inc. With PCM Licence
Australian Ford PCMTec CustomOS
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 1 Base License, Custom OS  5 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 2 Base License, Custom OS and Flex Fuel Support 7 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 3 Base License, Custom OS, Flex Fuel Support and MultiTune 10 Credits
Global Ford
Mustang 6th Gen - New Vehicle License Mustang (2015-2017) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
F-150 13th Gen - New Vehicle License F-150 (2015-2020) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
Explorer 6th Gen (2020+) - New Vehicle License Explorer (2020+) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
Maverick and Bronco Sport (2020+) - New Vehicle Licence Maverick and Bronco Sport (2020+) Edit & Flash Write Licence 3 Credits
Global Ford CustomOS
Global (FMT) CustomOS Base Licence, CustomOS (inc. All CustomOS Features) 10 Credits


What does a Vehicle License provide?

A Vehicle license allows you to edit and flash your car an unlimited number of times (for Ford Falcon and derivatives outlined earlier).

A License is locked to your PCM's serial number, operating system ID (OSID) and your username. If you change operating system you will be required to relicense the vehicle.


Can I share my tune or help others with their tune?

Yes. The tuned file is a PCMTEC proprietary file (.tec format).

This may be exchanged with other PCMTEC users, they will be able to edit your tune and sent it back to you and vice versa. Only a person with a license will be able to flash the vehicle. 


For remote tuning, check our Flash and Log software or Hardware Guide.


What happens if I want to upgrade later?

You can upgrade to the next edition up later for the difference in price and receive the extra credits.


Upgrades are completed automatically via the webstore, visit the upgrades section to find out your available upgrades.


What happens after I purchase the software?

You will receive an order confirmation email. You can download the software from this link or from the new "Downloads" link that will appear on the home page.

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