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PCMTec Vehicle Support
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PCMTec supports an ever expanding range of cars, please refer to the following support matricies.


Please note: PCMTec is built around support of OEM (e.g. Ford) strategies, occasionally there may be an OEM strategy unsupported and you will be prompted to send the file to support for templating.


Aftermarket OS/Strategies (e.g. Ford Performance, Roush, Whipple etc) are in progress but are generally not supported. If you are looking to use one of these strategies please contact support first.


Global Vehicles


Australian Vehicles


Technical Information - PCM CPU Support

The following Ford CPU's are supported architecture in PCMTec:


  • BlackOak
  • SpanishOak
  • Tricore 1797
  • Tricore 1791
  • Tricore 298
  • Tricore 298B
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