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PCMTec Vehicle Support
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PCMTec supports an ever expanding range of cars, please refer to the following vehicle support matricies.


Please note: PCMTec is built around support of OEM (e.g. Ford) strategies, occasionally there may be an OEM strategy unsupported and you will be prompted to send the file to support to have it added to the Editor.


Most aftermarket OS/Strategies (e.g. Ford Performance, Roush, Whipple, Shelby, Control Pack etc) are supported. If you are looking to use one of these strategies please contact support first. Adding new operating system support is approximately 12-48 hour turn around depending on time zone.


Global Vehicles

New Vehicle Beta Support:

  • Taurus 5th Gen 3.5L Turbo D258
  • Focus ST 2.0L C346 
  • Focus RS Mk3 2.3L Turbo C346  (Custom OS available via exclusive dealers only)
  • Focus RS280/RS350 Mk3.5/Mk4 2.3L Turbo  C519 (Custom OS available via exclusive dealers only)
  • Focus 4th Gen
  • Puma 1.5L
  • Escape/Kuga 1.6L C520
  • Transit Connect 1.6L V408
  • Transit Connect 1.6L 2nd Gen V408
  • Modeo 4th Gen 1.5L, 1.6L CD391
  • Lincoln MKS 1st Gen 3.5L
  • Lincoln MKS 2nd Gen 2.0L
  • Lincoln Aviator 2nd Gen 3.0L
  • F250 Super Duty 4th Gen 7.3L (Limited support)



Australian Vehicles

Technical Information - PCM CPU Support

The following Ford CPU's are supported architecture in PCMTec:


  • BlackOak
  • SpanishOak
  • Tricore 1797
  • Tricore 1791
  • Tricore 298
  • Tricore 298B
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