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PCMTec Flashing Hardware Requirements
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What are the options for reading/writing using PCMTec?


PCMTec supports an ever expanding array of hardware for delivering tunes, either directly from the editor or remotely via partner devices.



Direct Support via J2534 Cables - Direct flashing from a Windows PC (all supported models)


SCT Advantage X4 - Remote flashing using SCT Advantage and X4 (models excluding Australian Market)


Livernois MyCal - Remote flashing using the Livernois MyCal (models excluding Australian Market)


Other - Other Options




Direct Support via J2534 Cables


For direct use, PCMTec Editor supports generic J2534 cables for reading, writing and logging PCM's.

This can be done directly from PCMTec Editor using the Flash Toolbox.


Technically any J2534 cable can potentially work with PCMTec Editor, however due to manufacturer differences in hardware and drivers, PCMTec tests and approves various cables for use.


Un-approved cables are not eligible for technical support for flashing, cable and driver related issues.


Cable Support


We have tested, support and recommend the following J2534 Cables:




FEPS Support


Early Ford vehicles required additional signals via OBD to unlock the read/write - this is commonly called FEPS.

This is achieved by putting a voltage signal on pin 13 of the OBD Connector.


All of our tested and approved cables support appropriate FEPS on pin 13.


The following supported PCM's require FEPS:

  • Falcon - BlackOak
  • Falcon/Territory - SpanishOak

Remote via PCMTec Flash and Log


It is possible to provide remote flashing via PCMTec Flash and Log software to customers. 

The requirement at the customer end is the same:

  • Windows Laptop
  • Supported J2534 Cable


Please refer to our Flash and Log Guide for more information


32-bit vs 64-bit PCMTec Editor


PCMTec Editor now supports 64-bit mode.

It is limited to 32-bit mode when using a J2534 cable that only provides 32-bit J2534 drivers.


When in 32-bit mode the ram available to PCMTec Editor is severely limited and therefore it is possible to experience Out of Memory errors when logging or tuning.


The only cable currently supporting 64-bit drivers is the OBDX Pro FT

64-bit use is recommended for all customers


OBDx 64-bit Technical Preview Guide


Where to Buy


Ensure you have installed the drivers that come with your specific cable.

PCMTec Editor will automatically detect which cable you have plugged into the PC.


Support for hardware, drivers or cable errors is the responsibility of the cable manufacturer.



Support via SCT Advantage and X4


PCMTec supports delivery via SCT Advantage and the X4 Flasher.


PCMTec Editor will export an encrypted file (*.pcmsct), which can be imported into Advantage and deployed to an X4 device.


To access this feature you must be a SCT Advantage Level 3 Dealer.


For more information contact your SCT Representative.



Support via Livernois and MyCal


PCMTec supports delivery via Livernois and the MyCal flasher.


PCMTec Editor will export an encrypted file (*.pcmlms), which can be imported into the MyCal software and deployed to a slave device.


For more information contact your Livernois Representative.



Other Options


PCMTec can support additional third party devices, however, development fees may apply.


Contact Support to learn more.


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