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PCMTec OBD Cable Requirements
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When using PCMTec with a direct cable connection to a car you require a specific OBD Cable.


What cable/hardware do I need to connect PCMTec to the vehicle?

You require an OBD2 J2534 Cable.

Not all J2534 cables are the same and for Falcon and Copperhead PCM's you require a cable that supports FEPS on Pin 13.

We have tested, support and recommend the following J2534 Cables:

We do not support the use of eBay or Aliexpress clones

Other J2534 cables may work, but PCMTec cannot provide technical support for these


Where can I buy an appropriate cable for PCMTec?

Ensure you have installed the drivers that come with your specific cable.

PCMTec Editor will automatically detect which cable you have plugged into the PC.

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