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PCMTEC General Fact Sheet
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What is PCMTec?

PCMTec is a Windows software application specifically designed for accessing and modifying the calibration data on specific Ford PCMs (e.g. Tuning).


What vehicles are supported?

  • Australian Ford Vehicle Pack

    • Ford Falcon - BA/BF/FG/FG-X - 2002-2017

    • Ford Territory - SX/SY/SY-II/SZ/SZ-II - 2004-2017

    • Additional TCM Support for the ZF 6HP26

    • Gasoline Models Only (No Diesel)

    • EcoBoost Falcon is NOT Supported


  • United States Vehicle Pack 1

    • 6th Generation Mustang 2015-2023

    • 13th Generation F150 2015-2020

    • Gasoline Models Only (No Diesel)

    • 6th Generation Explorer

    • 1st Generation Maverick

    • 1st Generation Bronco Sport



Is internet required?

Yes, an internet connection is required to access the PCMTec licensing system, server-based assets, and stock files.


Once licensed, the computer can be disconnected for reading, writing, and datalogging using PCMTec.


What PCM parameters can different Editions access?

PCMTec has best in class paramter mapping. If you have Workhsop Edition - you will have access to almost OEM level paramters. For Professional and Enthusiast Editons, this is reduced to basic tuning (Enthusiast) and VID Block and ZF editing (Professional). 


More questions? Just contact support or post on the forums.


Can PCMTec Editor use on multiple computers?

Yes. PCMTec can be installed on any numbers of computers (e.g Desktop and Laptop) - they just need to be connected to the internet and the customer needs to login via the Editor. Credits and licenses will be downloded from the PCMTec server once loggin. 


To protect your account, make sure to logout or uninstall PCMTec Editor off  the old computer if it will not be used again for PCMTec.


Note: Using multiple computers is allowed for the same user, but account sharing between users is a violation of the PCMTec EULA and may result in an account being disabled.

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